Not having fun like the rest

Sorry I haven't written for a while, but I have been recovering from a hip surgery. Don't worry, everything is fine, and I am actually feeling a lot better than I expected! Suffered a trauma to my hip bone from doing an aerial three years ago, and now the doctor fixed it. With an arthroscopy, so I only have two small cuts, 1 cm each. Fantastic! But boring, I have a couple of months of rehab before I am all good to go.

Anyhow. I am not allowed to dance for several weeks, but I really wish I could right now. I wish I was in Stockholm, at The Snowball, dancing the days - and nights - away. Almost everyone else I know is there. But I'm still here in Gothenburg, resting. Oh well, there'll be more dancing events...

This is how it looked like in the days.


Here's the season to be jolly, falalalala lala la la

What do you do around Christmas time?
Well, first you bake a cake:

"What was I doing again?"

"Martha Stewart Who? I rule"

Then you doll up.
"Oh, my leg is so soft, and smooth, I just have to touch it. Over and over."

"Where will I put all the food I want to eat? Just no room in this girdle"

"Well, if I'm stuck here I might as well look pretty."

Then you invite friends, dance a little, exchange gifts and maybe some lovin.
"Look at all the presents I got this year! I guess all my
sucking up really did the trick."

" Hm, who will I send my love to? They are all so gorgeous."

"Spin it baby"

"- Oh, what a swell hat!
- Yes, really.
- Thanks sweethearts. I just got it, from my darling fiancé."

"Yes, smear my lipstick, will you?"
After the Holidays have ended, you might even become this sad. 

But not to worry, Christmas will be here next year again.


Make up projects - the continuation...

Många har frågat efter make up-bilder, så här kommer det några. Inte världens bästa kamera, eller ljussättning, har ju tagit bilderna mest för min egen skull, men vet att ni har överseende med det.

Anni neutral

Anni fixad.

Min favoritmodell! Grönt är så fint till porslinshy och rött hår.

Pernilla neutral

Pernilla i vardagssmink

Och i festsmink med 40-talskänsla

Stina i vardagssmink

Och Stina i kraftigare festsminkning. Har utgått från en 20-talsbild,
därav det kraftiga rouget, men funkade bra i kvällsbelysning. Hann dock
inte göra en matchande frisyr.

Sotiga ögon i closeup

Matilda utan smink.

Matilda med lite neutralare smink.

Matilda med mer smink. Hårdrockstjejen gillade det.

Och framifrån. Ber om ursäkt för den osmickrande vinkeln.