No, I'm not dead.

Dear, readers, friends and family. So so sorry to have neglected you for so long. But life is CRAZY. And apparently I think I'm related to Superwoman.

So, after we had our gig at Vårgårda Nostalgifestival I went to Herräng Dance camp, to work work work (as manager of The Lindy Hop Shop). And dance dance dance. For 6 weeks. Work 14 hours, dance 4 hours, sleep 6 hours. Rest? Nooo. Eat regularely? Nooo. Did I become sick? Yes. Did that slow me down? Noooo. Well, let me tell you that pneumonia can be really difficult to recover from if you don't take care of it. But even though I was a busy bee, I had the time of my life. I danced like crazy - because I could! My hip barely bothered me at all, for the first time in 4 years. Yay! And what dances. What dancers! Thank you all amazing leaders and followers who made me feel like an awesome dancer. I love you! And to all my far away friends - I miss you so much.

Then I got home and thought I would have some time off, maybe have a vacation? But no, I got a job instead, which means commuting 2.50 min every day. Oh, that's right, I already had a job, as a dance teacher. Well, I can do both, can't I? So right now I work 9 hours a day, commute 2.50 hours, and then teach 3 evenings a week. And practise with Lindy Deluxe. And do shows. And do hair styling. And some other odd jobs here and there...

Speaking of Lindy Deluxe, we are having a busy Autumn. Last Sunday we went to Bosjökloster and performed on stage at Skånedagarna, between The Carling Family's sets. This evening we danced to Gunhild Carling, at she shoot of a pilot for Swedish Television. And more collaborations are expected.

On Sat Lindy Deluxe will do a tiny gig at a birthday party. Then we will do some more gigs at company parties. And then it seems like we are performing at the Gothenburg Opera, together with their orchestra and choir. So we really need to practise!

And things are going well with my styling too. I'm getting more and more offers. Last week I was invited to collaborate with Jenny Lexander, a really talented photografer who lives in Paris. It was truly an inspiring day, and hopefully I get to see the results soon. Here are some examples of her work.

(And I got to make some really good connections, and work together with Regina again! Regina who did make up for a lot of Studio Deluxe's photo shoots. A good day indeed.)

I have also done hair and make up for Emmy design's new Spring/Summer 2012 catalogue. The pictures are super pretty and yummy. But for now you'll have to make do with 2011 Autumn/Winter collection. (Yes, I did hair and make up for these pictures too.)

Well, that was some of what I have been doing. So please forgive me for not spending so much time here, hopefully that will change, but I can't guarantee it. But I haven´t forgotten you...